Meet Breea Clark:

Let’s Unite Norman.

“These past several years have given me the knowledge and experience to lead our city. I am grateful for the active citizens and organizations in our community, and I am confident we have the hardest working staff in Oklahoma. We need a leader that can bring us together and move us forward, and I am ready to do that for Norman” - Ward 6 Councilor, Breea Clark





Breea has a strong record of working with community-based organizations, university students and officers, and elected officials.

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Years Serving Norman’s communities

Breea has served on numerous boards and committees assisting in education, business, and community development for the City of Norman.



Elected & Appointed Positions held

From Tree Board to City Council, Breea has worked to perform at her best in every capacity of service.



Thousands of residents impacted

As a City Councilor, Breea serves Ward 6, but she’s strengthened the community by making Norman a more accessible place to live for all residents.


November 2018

Through organizing numerous Clark in the Park events, speaking to various K-12 student groups about local government, and creating opportunities to connect with City staff and services with events like creek clean-ups with the Stormwater division and Read & Rides on CART buses with the Norman Police Department and Pioneer Library System, Clark has successfully built bridges between residents and local government.

Clark stated, “During my time on Council, I have modeled a positive, hands-on approach to leadership and collaborated with my colleagues and community organizations on a variety of initiatives, and I look forward to continuing this spirit of collaboration in working with other communities, the county, and the state legislature to build a better future for Norman residents.”

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Running a campaign is easy, winning is harder. Breea believes that an involved citizenry is the key to city’s success.

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