Platform & Issues



Breea will work to develop a new transportation system to replace C.A.R.T.

Breea will ensure that Norman continues to invest in our streets and sidewalks, improve drainage and clean water lines, and fully-fund public parks with recreational activities. Breea will work to publicly fund streetlights without placing a burden on the neighborhood.

Building RElationships & Transparency

Breea believes we must redefine Norman’s relationship with the University as a status of co-equal partners that are interested in providing the best environment for all citizens. Breea will help Norman continue to be an active member of the Central Oklahoma area and have solid relationships with nearby towns and cities. Breea will build a stronger relationships with our county, state, and federal governments.

Breea supports a rotating meeting time for City Council to allow more individuals to be present in their government.


Breea will help strengthen relationships between Norman high schools and the Moore Norman Technology Center to create a skilled workforce for professional and technical positions. The City will partner with Norman Public Schools as needed including the School Resource Officer program.

Senior Center

Breea supports the creation additional senior centers that are fully funded and staffed. Breea will include residents throughout the construction and planning process with the inclusion of a permanent Senior Wellness Board to ensure that it meets the community’s needs.

Economic Development

Breea believes in a well-rounded approach to economic development including infrastructure, inclusivity, and support of small businesses and employers. Balance and support the various business districts in Norman such as Ed Noble parkway, Campus Corner, the Eastside Business Association, and create opportunities for startups and business relocations.


Breea opposes the UNP TIF. Supporting the creation of quality jobs, ensuring that our schools are competitive, and expanding our sales tax base will all help address our budget shortfall. Breea supports a holistic approach to economic development.


Breea will partner with businesses, non-profits, and schools to begin implementing Ready for 100 initiatives that will save money, create jobs, and protect our environment.

Breea is an advocate of reducing and decreasing Norman’s usage of plastics that end up clogging our waterways and spoil our city environment. Breea supports the creation of stormwater utility that will ensure that our water is protected and clean.